PCB edge coating

How i can create something similar to this coating. Help pls :frowning:

There are Two aspects to this question:

  1. for Kicad’s PCB 3D-Viewer - create a 3D model and a Footprint that uses the 3D-Model (Step or WRL)
  2. for having a PCB made… Here’s one example-source
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In your photo the edge plating is likely required for contact between the PCB and a metal part which will be placed adjacent. If you need such a feature fine. If not, it is an expensive and unnecessary extra.

If you just need the RF shield effect, via stitching near the board edge is a much cheaper alternative

hola david, a que te refieres?

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Hi David, what do you mean?

I have seen edge plating as a way to bond top and bottom layer ground planes together. This then makes a complete shield like a box around inner layer tracks.
Simply making a line of closely spaced via holes near the board edge has a very similar effect. It is called via stitching and is much cheaper, as it does not require extra process steps.
There is a KiCad plugin to help making these vias.