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I recently created my own power bank, but it doesn’t seem to be functioning as expected. I’m unsure about the possible reasons for the issue. Could you please assist me by providing insights into potential causes or suggesting possible solutions?

Could be anything from faulty soldering or wiring, to mis-interpretation of the datasheet of the IC. Heck, maybe your charging cable is broken. Maybe one of the parts got damaged.

Why is there a 1k series resistor with the push button? A pullup resistor is more common, but I have not looked at a datasheet.

Which parts do work? Which parts don’t? You will have to figure out possible causes for the parts that don’t work yourself. Chrystal balls have not yet advanced to a sufficient level to be useful as practical magic.

A lot more information is required in order to even try and assist.

  1. This is not a generic electronics forum so you might have better luck somewhere like EEVBlog, but even there they will struggle without information.
  2. What’s not working?
  3. What troubleshooting have you attempted?
  4. What is the schematic based off? A working design or something you designed yourself?
  5. It’s almost impossible to see anything from the screenshot of the PCB.

As has been pointed out this isn’t the place but firstly the datasheet for the IP5328P (the ‘8’ on the schematic looks like a ‘B’) is in Chinese I don’t have the time to translate it all. Quite a complicated chip and anywhere you go for help are gonna need a lot more info as to what happens when you power up. A quick glance at stuff like are the Gates of the FETs wired as to data sheet and they are but beyond this all I can say is check your schematic against theirs.

This is an EEVBLOG question.
This is not an electronics forum. This is for layout issues or questions relating to the function fo the tool, not the artist ! :slight_smile:

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