PCB design (routing) professional subcontractor

Hello guys !

I am currently in a small technology company and I chose Kicad to realize the electronic diagrams.
I work on a 8 layer PCB, very compact (BGA) and implementing Flex PCB.

I want to outsource the PCB design (routing) in order to save time and have a professional result.

But I do not find a company realizing routings with Kicad… so does somebody know a company which realizes PCB design (routing) under Kicad ?

Thank you in advance !


In my company we do this kind of job as a consultant / contractor.
Send me a private email if you wish. Pedro pkicad@yahoo.es

In the “made with kicad” section there are a bunch of projects from people/companies who have experience with KiCad. You can try to contact a few of them directly.

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Are you a spammer or something? Digging up old threads for no good reason is typical.

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The reason is because this thread appears in a google search for “kicad contractor”. It’s like the third hit. That is how I found it.