PCB copper zone extra wires

I got this strange situation after a minor PCB update

Both pads are connected to GND but indication is for missing connection???

The center of a pad must be within the zone boundaries to satisfy DRC in KiCad.
A solution for this is to add some extra corners to a zone to include more of the pad.

Or it may be that KiCad is not content with just a single thermal spoke on a pad.
A solution for this is to draw some real tracks, that overlap with the thermal spokes, and then lock them in either horizontal or vertical direction, so they do not get bumped into 45 degree mode later by the interactive router.

Stuff like this is also easier to diagnose if you show the tracks (and/or zones) in outline mode. You can do this with: Pcbnew / View / Drawing Mode / Sketch … or with the icons in the toolbar on the left side of the screen in Pcbnew.

In this case it is a GND zone that covers the entire board - so the center of the pads are in.
Two vertical tracks from each pad fixed the problem.

Thanks for the detailed answer!!!
This is my first board with KiCad after using Eagle for some time - and i am 100% for KiCad - easy, intuitive and free…

The right pad is overlapped by the 12V zone so i guess that the clearances align just bad enough for it to not be properly connected.