PCB Contour for "Hutschienen"-Housing 2C

I’m new in that forum. I have a question for a new project

I am looking for a PCB contour for the following housing. Perhaps a forum member has implemented a plan for the board with dimensions (contour, cutout, terminal block).

Thanks an best regards, 4HomeControl

The English term is DIN-rail case, 2 units wide.

One way to do it is to ask the manufacturer if there are CAD drawings available that fit their enclosures. KiCad can import a DXF file to be used as the PCB outline.

The datasheet of the housing you linked to has lots of measurements, but I do not see a clear indication of sizes of the PCB that will fit in it.

KiCad’s mechanical drawing capabilities are limited, but as long as the PCB outline is quite simple (Rectangular, some cutouts or roundings) then it’s perfectly up to the task. Easiest is to set the grid to a relatively coarse value such as 1mm.

Some time ago I made:

If you want this to test-fit a PCB in a housing, then I recommend to glue the paper on thin cardboard.

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I don’t think you’ll find a ready-made layout, as that housing will need several PCBs.
The first is a simple rectangular outline that will carry the screw terminals.
If you want to place other PCBs perpendicular to this “base-PCB”, they’ll depend on your mounting method.

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