Pcb component values

Is there a global command to make all component values invisible on the PCB?

The components values are on the Fab layer, so they are invisible by default when you manufacture a PCB. If you want to hide them in KiCAD then switch F.Fab and/or B.Fab layer off.


Also there’s a toggle to display hidden text in Appearance → Objects. Make sure you have that switched off.

Thank you Greg. Thank seems to work.

I can’t see the “Appearance->Objects” only the “selection filter” usual like tracks, pads etc…

And the three above “Hidden”.
There are on/offs for Value, Ref & Text.

Here. Still it seems that wasn’t actually the problem you were having.

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Under the word Appearance are three tabs: Layers, Objects & Nets.
Left click the middle one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha ha! @Dawid_Cislo beat me :+1:

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Hehe. Just where it said it was and works 100% thanks you for all the inputs…

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Although better suited for editing, various things can be turned on and off in Edit > Edit Text and Graphic Properties.
(That’s in the top LH corner :rofl:)