PCB changing track width on existing routes

Following my success with my two of my problems sorted quick, I would like to ask a simple question:

Is there any way to change a track width from the start to the end without having to select each segment and change each individually?

You wrote PCB and track so I recategorised your topic to Layout.

Once it is already laid down, I don’t think so, but I may be corrected.

My method is to list all the track widths I want in the Board Setup > Predefined Sizes then use hotkeys W & Shift + W to scroll through them, observing the current size in the top LH corner.
I then assigned a hotkey to the function “Change Track Width”.

This then means scroll through the list of widths to find the one you wish to use, move the mouse pointer along the track (no need to click) and press the hotkey at each section under the cursor.
Changes are as quick as you can move the cursor.

Works well for neckdowns if you can’t be bothered writing scripts.

For new tracks you wish to alter the size as you lay, Left Mouse click when you wish to change, select new width with W / Shift + W, and keep laying.

There are other more “automatic” ways using Net classes, but I’ll leave you to learn that another time :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll find the Hotkeys in Preferences > Preferences > Hotkeys.

Up the top, beside the Magnifying Glass type “Change Track Width” to save scrolling through the list to find this function.

It is, however worth exploring the Hotkey list to familiarize yourself with just what functions are available for shortcuts.
Pour a cup of coffee first, as there are nearly 600 hotkey functions available. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could use hotkey U repeatedly to expand the selection to the whole track, then hotkey E to edit the properties. But increasing the width may violate constraints so you’ll have to deal with that.

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…and, I suspect your system’s default selection key’s will work (mine does), including the Window-Box selection…

Another way: Press U to select what you want, then edit in the properties panel on the left

And yet another way: Use the Edit Tracks and Vias tool in the Edit menu

  1. Set scope to just Tracks
  2. Set the Filter to capture what tracks you want: maybe all tracks on a certain net, etc.
  3. Set Action to what you want: maybe set width to a specified value
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Thank you to all for the ideas and solutions. 100% to everyone :slight_smile:

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