PCB badge didn't get manufactured as it looked in KiCad eg copper layer not removed

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Hopefully I’ve posted this in the correct section.

Recently I completed a PCB badge where I wanted to removed copper and silkscreen layers for the image and also to shine an LED through the board. There are a bunch of different tutorials online but I completed the badge before I came across InkScape but before I try that method I wanted to see peoples opinion to why the badge didn’t quite come out as intended.

I created footprints in order to remove certain layers, which worked. When I created the PCB, within KiCad 3D viewer it looks correct but when I added a ground plane, the area which I had created to not have a copper layer, was then ignored. I got around that by 1) not having a ground layer on the front 2) Using the ‘add a rule rea’ and then ‘keep out copper fill’ it then looked correct on the 3D viewer.

I sent the files off to JLC PCB, which came out great but on the rear side, the copper layer was not removed. They were usable, as I scraped the copper layer off but I’d like to avoid that in the future. I’ve attached the files and if anyone could review them, that would be amazing, or advice to why/how this happened.

I’m using KiCad 6.0, so maybe it is a bug but I’ll assume something is incorrect in my files. In the future, I’m wanting to use the copper layer for the image and ground planes but it won’t work currently.

Thank you in advance
r2d2 badge.zip (2.5 MB)

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