PCB as male Spade connector

I am working on a PCB that is supposed to be connected to batteries in one of three ways. The first one would be through the second PCB, the first one ist sitting on like a esp32 for example. The second way would be an optical XT60 connector. The last option I would like to have ist the use of female Spade connectors on the cabble that I would like to plug directly in to the PCB from the side in order to avoid to ad connectors in the assembly. Has such a thing been done before? I couldn’t find footprints to that.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Are you thinking about 4.8/6.3 mm connectors as used in cars, for instance?
First off, your PCB would need to be only 0.6 mm thick. That’s possible.
But the female spade connectors would rip the copper foil on your PCB in no time. I don’t see this as a good idea.

Are you referring to connectors like these:

Did you mean optional instead of opical? Not only are XT60 not optical connectors (unless there is a varian that I don’t know of) but fiber optics is a really poor way to transmit power.

I believe I’ve seen fibers transmit enough power to cut steel :wink:

First - I don’t mean to offend but, Opinions are ‘Opinions’ and not the same as Real World…
I managed a project 30 yrs ago that was of such High Power Laser/Fiber Optics that we used for Big Missiles (ICBM’s). Partial photo below…

Regarding Spade Connector…

Easy to make a Model and use for Footprint. Assuming commonsense that it would be used as intended (i.e., Vertical with tails through THT…

Not suggesting you use the Attached Part but, it’s something to play with…
SamSpade2.wrl (33.0 KB)

My bad. I ment transmitting electrical power. There’s going to be lots of losses at both ends converting to light and then back to electricity. :nerd_face: