PCB 3D Viewer Issue

Issue when trying to view pcb in 3D view on Kicad V5.1.10 see attached image.
The component footprints are visible but the actual pcb board and its edges will not show up?

I am new to KiCad, and have started the design from scratch multiple times, reinstalled KiCad as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or pointing in the right direction.

Do you have a closed board outline on the edge cuts layer?

Not having a valid PCB outline on Edge.Cuts is the most common problem with the 3D viewer.

But there are also a bunch of settings in the 3D viewer itself that control the visibility of almost anything in the 3D viewer.

Usually when the outline is missing you still see the board, but it is formed from the minimum bounding rectangle of the components. But put an outline in anyway, you’ll need it sooner or later.