PCAD Schematic Import


Has the ability to import PCAD ASCII schematic files been removed from Kicad v5?
I haven’t done it before, but from searching around it seemed that this used to be supported.


Not sure that we ever supported the P-CAD schematic format. You can import the P-CAD board layout files.


I wasn’t sure. I spent a couple of hours this morning going down the pcad2kicad plug-in rabbit hole. From what I could figure out, there was a stand-alone plug-in which supported both schematics and PCB, and at some point in the past it was rolled into KiCad.

It might well be that only the PCB portion of the plug-in was merged for some reason. I did a very quick test of that this morning and it appeared to work (PCAD 2001 ASCII PCB file into KiCad 5.01.