PB's with created footprint


I created two footprints, one for smd capacitors and one for SMD resistors. No worries with the capacitor footprint; but error message for the resistance footprint. For them its similar.
Attached are the 2 files of footprint


here errorsCondensateur_GEMA_Ubitx.kicad_mod (1.4 KB) Resistance_GEMA_Ubitx.kicad_mod (1.6 KB)


I made a little test project with your resistor and capacitor in KiCad-nightly V5.99 and I had no problems whatsoever.


Even DRC runs just fine.
Here is the project:

asdf_French_Condensateur_2021-10-11.zip (9.5 KB)

My french is quite horrible, but I’m guessing some kind of zone is defined wrongly on your PCB because it’s not a “closed outline” and the problem is not caused by any of these two footprints.

I did see a few irregularities:

  • The footprints do not have any graphics on the courtyard layer.
  • The Resistor lines on the Silkscreen do not have perfectly matching endpoints in one corner. (Upper left in the library)
  • The Resistors has a bit of a slanted side. (Right side in library)

Setting the grid to some appropriate value makes drawing lines for footprints easier.

Before I ask anything here or report a bug I switch KiCad to English. I believe much more people will understand me than if I ask about messages from the Polish version.