PB printing new pcb with PCBnew version 5.1.6

i have made a very simply pcb with Kicad PcbNew, but the preview give a very small print.
it’s as if printing was divided by 10.
I don’t understand. I had chosen a grid at 2.54mm, and I have the impression of having a grid at 0.254.
I have the impression that the display of the grids is inconsistent with the zoom?
How do I fix this? I cannot attach a file!
I’m just a casual user.
thank you

What preview? Please be more specific so that anyone could follow your steps and see what happens.

If you spent some time browsing the forum you’ll get more privileges and can attach files or screenshots.

You can try now. …


here my file.
You may try to preview it.
it’s a very basic pcb

connex.kicad_pcb (26.7 KB)

If you use the Home key to show all objects, you will see a tiny object on the far left, which turns out to be a stray via. Delete it and you will be able to zoom in with the Home key.



Thank you very much, I didn’t see it.
He was there:
(via (at -1518.485687 63.5) (size 2) (drill 0.8) (layers F.Cu B.Cu) (net 0) (tstamp 5F25DEF4))
I deleted directly the record in the file. There it works. thank you.
The topic can be close

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may I add an own question ?
I sometimes encountered this problem and it took me some time to find the orphan…

When drawing schematics I always stay with the default drawing frame. But sometimes my designs are very small an then when I press “fit to screen” KiCad zooms the drawing frame and my 2 Transistor circuit is very small in the middle.

is there a way to resign this function to the drawing elements only ?

No idea, but if I have a small circuit I use a smaller page size like A5.

OK, I admit I never thought about that :upside_down_face:

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