Part with different units and all units interchangeable

I noticed this symbol in the library “NC7SB3157P6X” has 2 parts one switch and the other power only and the box the units’ are interchangeable and’ enabled.

In this case I believe that this option is wrong since the parts are different.

Normally when a symbol has multiple parts and these are different the check should be disabled.


That is my understanding, any change to one unit will echo to the other.

I just viewed the symbol myself, and you’re right. That’s extremely odd. What’s even stranger is that the “synchronize pins” button is also active (but there might be a connection there).

I copied this component to modify it with a more complex analog switch but with the active box if I change one part they all modified.
I also don’t understand why, for example, reference and value cannot be placed in different positions within the parts.
I don’t see the “synchronize pins” box where it is located?

I split this to its own thread

I think this is because the interchangable units/pin sync option is bugged for parts that are pre-existing. I’m trying to modify one to be multi-unit but am running into an issue where the pins needs to be shown on all of the units, no matter if the ‘All units are interchangable’ is selected and no matter if the sync pins button is selected or not. I have to completely delete the pin and re-add it but that’s more work than just creating it anew.