Part Value not showing unless component is highlighted

PCB layout: Using 5-1-7

By default, when I select and edit a component, I can see that the Component Reference is set as visible, and is on the Front SilkScreen layer. The Component Value is also set as visible and is on the Front Fab layer.

Out of editting, with the component still selected, both Component Reference and Component Value are showing on the screen, as expected.

If I then select another component, whilst the Component Reference still shows on the screen, the Component Value is now NOT showing. (Yes, I do have the Front Fab layer displaying). I have tried moving it to other layers (eg Front & Back Silk Screen) and is STILL not showing.

If I add a new value to the component, it will display correctly.

(Don’t know if it matters, but this is a PCB imported from ver 4: I have completely re-mapped the footprints to things in the ver 5 libraries, and have updated the PCB, same effect if I go via a netlist or direct from scematic)

Am I missing something here?

Having explained the above, on a DIFFERENT PCB, the component value displays just fine (again, it was imported from V4, and all components re-mapped to the V5 library)

On the right side there is a sidebar. It has two tabs (items and layers). Both of these have three colums. One column is a tickmark that controls the visiblity of the respective row. Then there is the colour selector and the name of the thing controlled by that row.
Make sure that “values” is set to visible in the items tab and that the layer that the value is on is set to visible in the layers tab.

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So, yes, whilst I had the correct LAYERS displaying, I had not, as you suggested, turned on the “values”! (clearly it WAS enabled on the other PCB!)

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

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