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I wanted to find parts, with footprint and 3d model, to attach 2 PCBs to each other, without spacing them (but secure well, and in an easy way to release, like a screw or spring or something else).But as I don’t really know the names to look for, I get lost on the eda model sites.Can you help me?

how is this related to kicad?

Well i dont know well if This fórum haver an category that ir can fit. But Im asking because i want to found an footprint for kicad.

Can you at least provide a picture of what you mean and then maybe we could tell you if there is any way to represent that in Kicad.

Check The draw. In the place where I drew the arrow I want to place a piece to attach the two PCBs.

My crystal ball is not working as well as it used to.

Going to need a lot more information. How many pins do you want to connect to each PCB? Have you looked at using header? Easiest will be header and socket but there will be a gap.

There will always be some space between the PCB’s. What is the minimum gap required between them?


Did you mean pin header?! If your answer to me is yes, my answer is yes too. But I really want a thing so secure like a screw. If not can you put a picture of what are you refering

what type of socket?

The PCBs really have to touch each other. Can’t we use screws and nuts for this? Is there no footprint for this?

if you want to use screws you can use a mounting hole with pad.

There is a symbol and footprint for this.


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That’s it thank you .

Gotta admit, I didn’t see the selected solution as to where this was going. :wink: