Part not inserted into PCB

I have the following:

In the centre of the image you see a large TQFP-64 IC U1.

When I use “Tools/Update PCB from Schematic” that part isn’t placed into the PCB editor!

I tried to upload a copy of the netlist but wasn’t allowed to.

I upgraded your forum trust level, try again.

Here’s the redacted netlist (29.4 KB)

There is not much to see from the netlist.

What options do you use, and which messages do you get during Schematic Editor / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8]?

Does the part have a footprint assigned to it?

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Here’s the redacted netlist

You should upload the zipped project archive:
In main kicad manager → File → Archive project.
This includes also all project-settings, which may potentially influence your questions.

Here you go … (43.1 KB)

Yes there is a footprint assigned

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Really odd - I don’t recollect having ticked that!!!

Thank you

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