Part not going to layout, Reference getting changed to #U0

I created a multi part symbol for a 74AUP3G04, placed it into the schematic and assigned a footprint to it. It starts off as U3A, U3B, etc…, but after I try to push the design to the layout, the part never shows up and the Reference gets changed to #U03A, #U03B, etc…

If I remember correctly, the " # " in the reference designator indicates a “virtual component” - that is, something which appears on the schematic, but doesn’t have a footprint associated with it on the board. (This feature is sometimes used for components like batteries or switches which are not part of the PC board assembly - they mount in some off-board location - but you show them on the schematic to help clarify the circuit’s operation and your design intent.)

Go back to the symbol editor and make certain you did not designate your part as a “Virtual Component”.


The flag that controls this is called: “this is a power symbol”. Make sure it is disabled for anything that should appear in the layout.


Thanks for the correction. If it’s not a mistake I made recently, I’m a little hazy about the symptoms. I need to get busy and make more mistakes, so I remember how they affect things!


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Thanks for the replies! I ended up finding a part from another family that had the same pinout. Didn’t find one originally for some reason. So, I ended up just switching the part out. But, I will keep that in mind if it happens again.

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