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In schematic library editor I created a new part/symbol to a capacitor, and I need add the field “voltage” (to define the maximum voltage for capacitor). How I add this field to a specific symbol without add to all symbols? (for all symbols I know that I can change the template field names in “Schematic Editor Options”).

Or… how you do for capacitors has the maximum voltage in BOM?

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I assume you want to have a specialized capacitor symbol.
Then simply make your symbol as normal and press the T button in the top tool bar to enter the field edit dialog. There you can add your max_voltage field. But it can not be empty! (so you might need a symbol for each voltage rating.)

If you do not want to make a specific symbol you can press e over the symbol that you placed in the schematic and add the field in the symbol preferences dialog. (For each capacitor seperatly)

I simply include it in the value field separated with a space from the capacitance. (But i have a House Part Number field that links to a “database”. This house part number would already be enough. The value field is there for anyone reading the schematic.)

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Thank you a lot, that is!