Part Descriptions in Library Browsers

When browsing components from the “built-in” libraries, there is often a description of the part (in brackets). I would like to have descriptions like these in components I create myself, but I haven’t been able to find any place to enter this info - how can it be done?

I’m using nightlies. I find this by clicking on the gear icon (menu hints pops up 'Edit component properties) and then go to the description tab.


@hermit answered your question. He forgot to mention that the “Description” information is added in the “Parts Library Editor”

Also, when two or more “Alias” parts share a common symbol, you can enter a different “Description” for each of the aliases.



I would like to note that this information (description, keyword and documentation fields) are not stored in the .lib file itself. It’s stored in a separate file with .dcm extension that is next to your library file. So when you move your project or add it to the version control you should keep the corresponding .dcm file for your library. Otherwise description information will be lost.


Thanks, folks, I somehow missed the gear icon :slight_smile:

Kicad seems to have a few icons without matching drop down menu choices. That’s how I end up overlooking stuff with this program.

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You can try KiCad Librarian to edit the detail of your schematic library and footprints.

Someone please show me a screenshot of what gear icon in EEschema you are discussing. I open up symbol properties but cannot find where I can edit the description field. I found the “description” and datasheet link information in the .dcm file but editing it with a text editor did not correct anything else…so I am pickled by this. This screenshot shows the content in my .dcm file and the description and datasheet link which I am trying to change.

How can I properly edit the description field and the datasheet link so it will all come out correctly in the BOM?

I apologize that a little earlier I also presented this question in Python discussion but that might not have been the best place.

Note that the original topic of the thread was for version 4 of kicad. Version 5 looks quite different.

If you run nightly which will become 5.1.x then you can checkout my tutorial for creating symbols (I handle adding descriptions in it.) Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x)

If you run current stable then use the symbol properties dialog reachable via the top menu (symbol->properties, switch over to the description tab)
Or a button in the top toolbar (looks like a gear, next to the button of an upercase T)

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