Part database / inventory

I am planing to take my BOM:s (SQL-plugin) to the next level and send them to a database (Postgresql). And
also make some sort of inventory system.

Does anyone else know sutch a project?

Anyone like to participate?

// GH

There are a couple of projects around;

Ki-n-Tree / Inventree -

This is in active development and well worth looking at. Docker container available. This is a useful inventory and parts database.


This is more a symbol/footprint library manager, I think. Under active development.

KiCad part manager

Not been updated and think its KiCad 4 only


I am still using PartKeepr for my components. Unfortunately, its main developer left the project and its languishing a bit but its quite a capable system. One of the good features was the Octopart integration but Octopart have changed their API and older versions no longer run and newer versions are a dependency hell to install. It runs on a mysql/postgresql database. I wrote KC2PK to process the BOM against my inventory.

I think the InventTree InvenTree - InvenTree Documentation looks pretty capable and probably what I would choose if I was starting now. I am going to look at how to transfer my PartKeepr database.

I was thinkink of a warehouse management system targeted at electronics components. I have used Inventory Management | Online Inventory Software – Zoho Inventory
but this is a more general solution and I miss many things that I need to manage my parts, bom and products. So I will go for a webb-based/Postgresql solution for this. But many of the projects you pointed out have a lot of features that will be usefull. So thanks for the links.