Part Creation Workflow

I wish to create specific symbols with associated footprints, 3D Models, and Manufacturer part numbers. How can I do this in Kicad.

Read the tutorials.
Study the tutorials.
Do your thing following the tutorials (and other documentation).

… then if you get stuck somewhere, formulate a more direct question and come back here.

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Paulvdh, thank you for your response.
I have, but I am a newbie to Kicad. I have watched several youtube tutorials, and they always associate parts in the project with footprints, I would like to do that upfront. At this point, I would just like someone to confirm it is possible in ver 6 or soon to be released ver 7.

Thank You for your help.

Just click the Footprint Editor Icon in the Main Panel - then, your design/footprint is independent of a project. Be sure to select the indended library folder/dir for it…

Naturally, that intended folder would usually be one where you want to store them (independent of the default folders…)

There is a lot of flexibility in KiCad and a part of KiCad’s libraries already have footpints assigned to schematic symbols. You seem to want to make a “perfect” project the fist time. I suggest you start with a handful of very simple projects, and then as you build up some experience and have learned how it works gradually increase the complexity in your projects.

If you do not even have the intention to manufacture the design of your first (few) projects, they also do not have to be perfect. Do a few NE555 blinking led’s or whatever just to learn how KiCad works.

At this point, I would just like someone to confirm it is possible in ver 6 or soon to be released ver 7.

I guess you ask for “fully defined symbols”, where the symbol+footprint already assigned at library time?
yes, this is possible.
See section Getting Started in KiCad | 6.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad in the official kicad getting-started tutorial.

Welome to the forum @ dmarabell. It is really pretty easy to start building your own library. Use the symbol editor to design your schematic symbol. Here is a connector example:

Then in Symbol-Properties you select the default footprint, and enable pin and/or name visibility for your symbol. An IC will have a pin number and a name (INPUT1…), but his connector has just has pin numbers:

An atomic part will have just one footprint but you can also define Footprint-Filters" to allow selecting others, like this (or it could be …10pin*):

And in the Footprint designer create your footprints with pins 1 to 10 defined – the pin numbers will “link” to the schematic symbol:

I appreciate all the pointers…
it’s tough being a Kicad Newbie! Ha!

Just new to Kicad, or new to electronic design?

New to Kicad, 20+ yrs designing power supplies, inverters, dc-dc, and laying out pcb’s…… but new to Kicad

Kicad 7 has provision for data based libraries. The only information, so far, on this new feature is in this forum thread:

Warning, that thread is a very long read.

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