Part creation for Artik10

Dear KiCad community,

I have to use the Artik10 computer for a big project. And I wonder what is the best strategy for building the part schematics. It has a lot of pins and I would like to sort them by function. But putting all in one big part makes it really big. So I would prefer to split it in module by function. But I’m not sure how to do it properly.

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Hi @Jey is this a module or single chip part?

It’s an IoT module by Samsung

Ok, I’ll try that way. Thank you.

It seems to work the way I need it. Just another question, is it possible to move independently between units the reference field and the Value field ? Because my modules doesn’t have the same size.
Also is it possible to modify the A/B etc, by something more explicit like Power or USB ?

Afaik, the current library format doesn’t allow that (yet).
There is only one field for those values with positions per part. The different sub-parts are differentiated in a ‘DRAW’ section of the symbol definition…

Quite possible that this will change in future once EEschema is refuirbished… months/year away.

Afaik no, probably in (far) future.
The format only knows sub-parts by having elements in the draw sections that have a different number at an index position.
For single parts all drawing elements have a ‘1’ at that place.
For multi parts ‘1’ equals ‘A’ and ‘2’ is ‘B’ and so on…