Panelizing kicad pcb by GerberPanelizer

Hi ,
I am new in kicad . I designed a small pcb layout and want to repeat 4 times in one board (they should be separated ). Here I mean panelizing the board .
I appended the board in pcb new, however it seems there are wires still connetinng each other ,

and when I view it in 3D viewer , the rest of 3 copies are transparent .

I want to know if there is a problem or not if I send this file to pcb factory ?

any suggestion will be apprieciated!

Why are you trying to panelise the boards yourself? Unless you want to stuff the boards as a panel, it is better to let the pcb fab do their own panelisation.

I’m guessing from the size he is trying to get these to fit on that $2 10cm X 10cm board?

What does the gerber file look like? That is what you will send off. Also, you may want to search the forum for “mouse bites”.

And I think the problem you are having is with the edge cut layer. The viewer is only recognizing the first? Put one large edge cut around the entire thing.

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thanks for reply . I want to make it cheaper by panelisation myself.

yes indeed! Now I turn to this tool call GerberPanelizer

hope it will work. later I gonna report the result.


The cheap places often charge extra for the slot routing or mouse bites.

FYI, JLCPCB (topic of another thread) didn’t charged me for slots and mousebites on a 10 x 10 board including 4 instances of the same design which were panelized. But YMMV.

yes indeed, I just made my board in JLC. It is great . thanks for advice !


one thing I would like to remind that **when you use GerberPanelizer deal with gerber generated by kicad make sure you change the *.gm1 file to .gko , change drill file to .txt or you may not find your board on the tool panel . it actually costed me hours to search and solved this prolem finally!


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