Panelizing and Copper Fill Zones

Hi there.
I have a panel that I want to fill with 16 (!) different boards I have already designed.
I have already accomplished this by adding hierarchical sheets into a new Kicad-file and appending the schematics of these boards. Each sheet has a annotation range, so no part is double (for example board 1 has annotation starting at zero, board 2 has annotation starting at 100, etc).
I then add the layouts into pcb new by copy and paste from the original file into the new panelized arrangement. This works ok. The problem I am having, is that I have many fill zones (for LEDs) and after copy/pasting these are all no longer assigned to nets! I have to re-assign each single fill zone (636 of them!)

Ok, so I bite the lemon, but after re-assigning the fill zone, it refills all zones and this takes approx. 20 seconds per fill zone…! Aargh.
Is there a way to not refill after every assignment?
Or how do you guys panelize your boards?

Thanks in advance!

Kicad uses text files so doing a search/replace in the file might be quicker.

Thanks. I had thought of that too, But all the fill zones are named net 0…
(zone (net 0) (net_name “”) (layer “F.Cu”) (tstamp 5D145E3F) (hatch edge 0.508)
No way to search/replace anything…

Were the sheets copy and paste so that each has an identical layout? If so, you can key on a component nearby +100 in a loop. Then manipulate X lines later. I seem to remember doing something like this with awk a while back with some DNS records I needed to weed through.

No, the 16 layouts are all different.

Note: This requires one gerber set per board.

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