Panelize with correct BOM

I wonder how to panelize a PCB in KiCAD 5.1.4 and get a correct BOM afterwards.
The way I do the panelizing is just like it is discribed in this video
When I generate the BOM I get for every component x-times the same reference. The manufacturer likes to have each component with a unique reference…
so, is there a way to get KiCAD producing a BOM with unique component references after this panelizing procedure?

You can (should?) generate BOM from EESCHEMA, as it contains additional information that is lost when moving on to PCBNEW (like private identifiers).

ok, I was not aware that there is a difference!
It really looks like the BOM from EESCHEMA is a very good advice, thanks!

and the manufacturer is happy with x-components on the panel having the same reference ?
In the .pos file there is one single component at different positions with x-y-coordinates. So, I’m fine with that but I wonder if the pick&place machine can handle that…

I specify the “Pick&Place” file for a single board, and the assembly house does the rest.
I even assume that these machines themselves allow to define panels with repeating layouts.

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