Pan with arrow keys

I would like the arrow keys to pan the screen rather than move the cursor in Kicad and all the subprograms. I already have the mouse in one hand. Why would I use the arrow keys with my free hand to move the cursor? I want to use the arrow keys to pan. I know that I can pan/zoom with the scroll wheel but that’s awkward to control in some situations.

Shift+arrow pans. Can you adapt to that? In 5.99 (development version leading to 6.0) those functions can be reassigned, so you can change it in Preferences, but not in 5.1.


Glad to hear that this more natural and sensible functionality can be configured in 6.0. Thanks for the reply.

When doing a lot of schematic entry I sometimes start to use hjkl for cursor movement, just like in vi.
It does not work though, maybe I’ll re assign those keys someday.

On the other hand, I highly recommend to give the simultaneous pan and zoom with the mouse scrollwheel a try. It does take some getting used to, but after some time there is a big chance you really start to like it, especially if you use KiCad a lot.

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