Page Layout Ediror changing page setting does not effect after closing


I’m trying to make a template page layout with the page layout editor. I have changed the Page Setting to custom size and saved the page layout to github_canvas.kicad_wks.
After saving and closing the page layout editor, when I open it again (or use it) the page setting are override. look like it doesn’t save it in the file.

picture of the problem:

The github_canvas.kicad_wks file :
(setup (textsize 1.5 1.5)(linewidth 0.15)(textlinewidth 0.15)
(left_margin 0)(right_margin 0)(top_margin 0)(bottom_margin 0))
(tbtext “Author: %Y” (name text1:Text) (pos 202.0072 3.999799999999993))

How can I make a template with a predefined page size or set the template to it to fit any page size?
What about predefine the company name like did (so it has a default but can be changed later in the project)?


Can you please make smaller screenshots?

First: Such a screenshot reminds me too much of the monitor I would like to have (But I would never want an “ultra wide” monitor, I long back to the 4:3 format)

Hunting around over those mega pixels makes me dizzy. and it’s hard to see what you actually want to show.
If you want to show the “Page layout description file” link, then you can also resize that popup window to show more then the generic directory part of that file.

While experimenting with page layouts, change the graphics, so you are sure to have something that looks “different” from default, and after you saved it, verify the file exists with a file browser.

Then open the file in a KiCad project, verify your changes are present.

The page layout editor is one of the worst aspects of KiCad, and has not seen significant updates in several years. Please don’t put too much weight on this when evaluating KiCad. My best guess is that most users ignore it, or only do minor edits such as removing some items from existing layours or changing paper size.


Sorry for the picture size. I’m new here so I could only upload one picture.
I wanted to show the setting and also that the title does not stay in the left bottom corner (solved that).

The file exists. I guess it just a limit of KiCad as you said.

Thanks for trying to help :slight_smile: