Pads on Both Sides Issue

I’m doing a PCB using through hole components. The problem is in every through hole component the pads are appeared on both top & bottom layer. I want soldering pads only in bottom layer not in top layer. How to do that?


You don’t need to solder the components on both sides. On bottom layer is enough.

The problem is in every through hole component the pads are appeared on both top & bottom layer

It is not a problem. It is the usual way.

Oops. Thats not a good idea. Its very hard to remove components. Is there any other way…?

We should find out why you have a hard time removing components.
If you make all the holes 10 to 20% bigger the part will come out better.
Don’t bend over the leads.

Why would it be hard to remove components? In my experience I have to heat the the pad/lead/solder so much that the solder melts, and having extra pad ring in one side doesn’t matter because the solder is melted anyway.

But you can create pads in the footprint editor using two overlapping pads, one THT pad with no ring and an SMD pad on top of it which creates the ring on one side. See Editing KiCad Pad Stack.

Choices to consider:

• If making your own PCB - the solution is so simple I won’t comment.

• If outsourcing the PCB:
Option #1
Double-Click the Pads and change to Bottom Layer

Option #2
Make Note to vendor to Not place copper on top layer

Option #3
If supplying only the Gerbers to vendor, Turn-Off the top copper layer and don’t output the top layer in the Gerber Plotting

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Perfect Answer. That’s what I was looking for.

I should have mentioned…

Change one Pad, then, in the PCB, Select that Pad, Right-Click>Pads>Copy

Then, Select other Pads, Right-Click>Paste. Bingo, those will now have the one layer set, just like the first one you changed. Thus, no need to do all pads individually
(I should have remembered sooner to click in field of video capture… LOL)

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If the OP is designing a double sided board, will not the plated through hole be more of an issue removing components than the top pad?

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If I understand this right, you want to create a single-sided PCB WITHOUT through hole plating ?!
I do this most times and I would like to turn the top-side Pads off too. But as I am producing my own PCBs wich are 100% single side copper this is just a nuisance while Im drawing the PCB.
Of course real, plated through hole Pads are the industrial standard and KiCad sticks to that. Otherwise KiCad would need a special hobby-PCB-Configuration.
I would like that but I wonder if you would find a PCB-Supplier who will still produce real single-sided PCBs as in the 70s ?

Why on earth do you want that? Without the opposing pad and via, the connection is worse, the soldering is more difficult, and the integrity of the pad/trace is poor and it will ultimatey pull away.

Do you have some unique need?

True single sided boards have not been made in 5-6 decades.

Why are you removing so many components? It sounds, to me, like you might want sockets in a few locations that (I’m guessing here) you are experimenting with?

Single sided PCB’s are still mass produced.
You will find lots of them in power supplies, and in the simpler consumer electronics, for example alarm clocks.

You know what, I’ll tell you how to do this although it’s not a good idea. Make all of the TH pads non-plated, meaning they will only be holes; then overlay an SMD-pad on all of your TH pads on the bottom side. This will put the component body on one side and SMD pads with holes through them on the other.

As the other people say, I very very much doubt this is what you need, but this is a simple way to do it.

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