Pads in keepout zones don't fail DRC?


I’m working on a board that will mount in a metallic slot 2 mm wide on two edges of the board. I’ve put 3 mm keepouts on either edge, front and back, but the DRC doesn’t show failures or clearance violations between the keepouts and the pads.

Is this expected behaviour? I…didn’t expect it!


A keepout doesn’t have that option in v5.1. It does in the unstable development version 5.99.

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In KiCad V5.1 it’s called a “Keepout Area” (Left side of screenshot) and in KiCad V5.99 it’s called a “Rule Area” (Right side) and it has a checkbox for the pads.

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Ahh ok! Amazing. Thanks for the quick response folks.

I’ll wait until it’s released and meanwhile…make all my ppl donate here - - instead of giving me Christmas presents :slight_smile:



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