PADs Graphic Mentor to KiCad Conversion

Linear Technologies has some DC/DC converter demo boards with design files available that I would like to modify in Kicad.

I’m using the nightly Kicad that has Altium importing enabled which worked well for a Demo board design from Texas Instruments.

I hear if you have the PADs software you can export the project to a ASCII file format that Kicad will import.

Does anybody here have PAD’s software that would be willing to convert the project to the format that can be imported to Kicad?

I did learn you can open Gerber files in Gerbview and then export to PCBnew which is nice but you can’t move the parts around going that route.

Here are the PAD design files I’m trying to convert if anybody is interested.


Never seen any reference to PADS importer.
AFAIK currently there’s work on Altium and Cadstar importers.
ASCII is general term for text-based file (unlike binary), but just being ASCII does not mean Kicad will understand the file.

I saw this as a way to convert to something Kicad can import.

But this involves running Altium

Right :smile:

I just downloaded Altium & Mentor PADs, hopefully that helps.