Pads are not connected although they are on same zone(same net)

I have a zone with a net called 0Vd and two-component with their pad has the same net.
Although the components with the same net are placing on this zone, they are not connected.
(Due to Ratsnet).

I am using KiCAD 5.1.7
I would appreciate if somebody could help

Which 0Vd pad is not connected? On picture 2 I see all 4 pads (caps/resistors) and chip connected to 0Vd zone.

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You are right about the second picture.
But On the first picture, the Rastnet shows that they are not connected


Am I right?
When this white line (Rastsnet) is there, it means that they are not connected yet?
Or it means there should be a connection (either connected or not connected yet).

If zones haven’t been filled yet they can’t connect anything. Was the zone filled when you took the screenshot?


the 2nd looks like you have added/refreshed a zone while the 1st looks like you have not added a zone, deleted a zone, not refreshed a zone or changed the zone

you need a zone What was done differently?
are these pictures chronologically or when were they taken?>


@eelik @Naib @pedro
I should have to explain more.
The first picture is when I press Ctrl+B, Which means remove the Filles (I have thought it means do not show the zone)
The second picture is when I press B (Fill/Refilling Zone)

So I guess they are connecting correctly when I fill the zone.

Zone filling is functional, not just visual. If you unfill it, it doesn’t have copper and can’t connect anything. For hiding/showing zones you use the left hand toolbar items.


when there is no copper between the components they are not connected, so, when you unfill the zones, you take the copper away and they are not connected, when you fill up the zones again, the copper is again there and then they are connected.

If your zones would be filled up and still you notice some suspicious rastnet, then you will need to look what is going on.

p.s. the ERC will fill up the zones automatically before telling you if a connection between component is missing or not.

EDIT: I liked the way eelik put it better :slight_smile:

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So it’s similar to: “I removed all copper tracks, and now the ratsnest re-appears”…

For manipulating the visibility of the zones without actually removing them, use the icons on the left side of Pcbnew: