Pad won't connect to copper fill

Below is pictured a terminal at the top, a connecting copper fill and a pad 8 at the bottom, all on net AC+_1

As evidenced by the rats nest line between pad 8 and the terminal at the top, the pad will not connect to the fill, but when I add a trace from pad 8 into the fill and put in a via, they connect as pictured below.

The app note at this link illustrates how I need to have an 11mm wide fill solidly connected to both pad 8 and pad 7 to operate the current sensor chip at the rated current.

I’ve spend hours screwing around with this and can’t make any sense out of it, appreciate any pointers on why this fill won’t connect.


What net have you assigned to the filled zone?

try to attach the project (or a cutdown-version of the project). Looking directly at board-file and project-settings is faster than just speculation based on the picture.

edit: attach a complete zip-project (kicad-manager–>Archive Project) as this includes the global project-settings.

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check if by chance the pad has pad connection = none in the footprint editor:


Thank You so very much. As I struggled with it, I new it was going to be something simple. As a newbie, I think I played with those settings but didn’t keep hitting ‘B’ between changes, now its all working.

Thanks to everyone else for their input, I was going to post the file today and I had a temporary work around figured out after the note where I just exetended the pads on the sensor footprint per picture below, where the fill is still disconnected, but I could stitch it to lower copper layers with vias. Now I can go back to the old foot prints.

Its usually something simple :slight_smile:

I agree with that, but we still don’t know which of the many simple things it is.
If you zip up your project and post it here as mf_ibfeew also already mentioned, then we can have a look at it. From a screenshot it’s mostly guesswork, but with the project we can look at a bunch of different possibilities quickly to determine the cause.


Claudio solved it for me, the pad setting was off and when I was going through that setting in my troubleshooting on my steep learning curve, I wasn’t clicking ‘B’ to rebuild things so I didn’t see it fix it.

The refreshed perspective got me back to that solution. In the future I’ll put the model up for something like that.




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