Pad with multiple holes

I’m attempting to make a large, plated rectangular pad with an array of through-holes, but not having any luck. When I check it with the 3D viewer, there are holes present on the bottom but not through the top. I have followed the advice given in previous forum posts to create overlap between the pads and to assign them the same number, but to little avail. Is there something that I am missing?
Note: The larger area around the first hole is only to try and see if more overlap would fix the issue.

First: if you post pictures try to describe them (estimated from left->right: pcb-view, pcb-3D-viewer looked from top, pcb-3D-viewer looked from bottom?). Otherwise we have to guess. And if you get a higher forum-rank (read/write some more posts) you could also attach the current footprint/project. It’s always easier to give good advice than.

I guess you see a paste-rectangle on the top-view. In the pad-properties of the SMD-Pad you should disable the automatic paste-layer. If you need paste, add it manually (draw a filled rectangle between the THT-holes).

Thank you for your help, your method worked and I found another way as well.
If the base pad is set to a through-hole, then it will merge with the rest of the pads without any paste.

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