Pad too close to pad


I have a question about DRC err : " Pad too close to pad"
I know I need more space among pads, but actually this pad layout is from Datasheet. (C type USB)
I mean I draw it as the Datasheet’s dimensions.
but DRC is telling me It is too close.

What should I do for DRC ?..
(If I make more space for DRC, it is not same with datasheet footprint layout. and I don’t want to modify it arbitrarily)

Each footprint and also each pad there has its own clearance value which defines who much room there must be around it. Naturally the clearnace must be so small that it’s at least as small as the smallest needed gap around the pad. If I can see correctly from the picture you can try to change the clearance values of pads A1 and A4 from pad properties.

Take care that your board manufacturer can make such small gaps between copper items.

Those two pads (and possibly the component pins) are larger because they may carry current. If you don’t actually need high current you don’t need so wide pads either. It wouldn’t be changing arbitrarily but with a reason. Anyways it’s better to change the clearance values.


We might want to add here that the default setting is that the clearance comes from the net class not from the pad or footprint. The default (out of the box) net class has quite large clearance settings which might be too much for small pitched components.


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