Pad stack unpossible or how?

How make this in Kicad? Yes, searching topics, googling- no answer.

This is screenshot from Pads. Question is: How I can make different pads size and shape in layers? Top layer eg. 1,2 mm annular, inner layers 1,0 mm, bottom layer 2,0 mm etc.

Pads is good example what I want. In pads it is “Pad stack”: I simply select pad and add sizes to pad.

Kicad only way is make many terminal with same number. Or- is it any better way? In Pads this is very simple, simply select pad and pad stack. So, how I can make this “pad stack” in kicad.

Look this is first time anyone ask this. After long searching “no answer”.

This is not yet supported but is planned for the next release

Unfortunately it has been moved to a later release,

(These roadmaps are always preliminary; if some developer is able to do it sooner, it may be done.)

This is a temporary workaround

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KiCads most critical missing feature for me. Making custom via modules for routing big BGA packages is a clumsy workaround.

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