Pad properties (net name)


i have a problem about a footprint.

I have drawn two footprints but,when i want to use the mouse to watch and modify the pad properties,i have a problem.

The first fooprint leave me to access and modify the net name without any problem but,the second footprint,doesn’ t leave to make me this operation.

This happen when i am drawing a pcb and want to modify the net name.

What is the problem?

I assume you want to change the pad properties (net name) of the footprint you placed on a pcb (within pcb_new)

If so: What dialog opens when you press e while hovering above the pad in question? (post a screenshot if you are not sure)
What happens if you try to leftclick on the pad (does a dialog open where it asks you what you want to select? If so: Is the pad in the list?)

It might be possible that your footprint is locked. Open the footprint properties dialog (press e while above the footprint. Or select the footprint first by leftklicking and than press e.)
Make sure the move and place options are not set to lock footprint.

Thank you for the answer.

Following your advice,i have watched that the footprint was locked.

I have adjusted it (as you have said me how to make)and now it is right.

Thank you again.

Why would you do this?
Nets are being defined in EEschema. PCBnew afaik doesn’t allow you to change net names unless they already exist.

Via stitching would be an example.
Or a mounting hole that should be connected to ground. (And for some reason the user does not want it to appear in the schematic) …

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There was a small error corcening the name written on the name.

The EEschema is exact but,in the net name,it showed wrong.

However,making in this mode (changing the error on the net name), i have solved the the problem.


Why not simply correct it in EEschema, reexport the netlist and update the pcb this way. (If you only change it in pcb_new, your schematic and pcb might be inconsistent. This could lead to problems later on.)


I had already tried to make as you say but the EEschema was exact.

The problem was only where i have said and,for this reason,i didn’ t understand what could have happened.