Pad peripheral ring, is it keep out?

I’m new with Kicad. I started a few days ago with 4.0.7 and decided to switch to V5 RC1 instead of learning the legacy interface.

My question has to do with the pads in Pcbnew. I see them as red with a magenta border. I’m assuming the magenta border is a keep away zone and not actual copper. If this is the case, where might I be able to increase/change this zone? I looked through all the menu items and could not find it.


Look at the right there is list of layers with colored buttons next to them. This should tell you what the color means.

I assume the magenta “border” is what you can see of the mask layer.
The mask layer(s) are the inverse of the soldermask that will cover your board. More details about layers see: What is the meaning of the layers in pcb_new and in the footprint editor?

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Thank you. I see that now. What threw me was in the “visables / items**” the mask went “off” when the front pads we deselected.

** was “Render” in 4.0.7

Soldermask, paste and copper are part of the pad definition. (There are other options but this is what is typically used)

So if you hide a pads it will hide everything that is defined in them.

Makes sense. Thanks

BTW I’ve only had V5RC1 installed for a few hours but In my opinion the “feel” and "intuitiveness’ is much better than 4.0.7, I think even than with the OPENGL Canvas.


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