Pad not connected on v8-rc2

Testing the v8-rc2

Found a pad that is not connected anymore. It was connected on kicad 7*.

Any ideas on what show I check to fix this?

Does DRC report it as an issue ? or is it just a visual anomaly ?

Yeah, I just found this by running the DRC. This was the first issue on that list.
And this is what it says (should have shared before).

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This may be an issue with the custom shape since I could not see differences between this pad and the others.

Can you attach the board here or in an issue report

Sure, let me try to reproduce the issue in a smaller board.

Here @Seth_h, custom_pad_issue.kicad_pcb (79.9 KB)

Thanks! I see the issue. We’ll get this fixed.

Here’s the issue:

Your pad connection is set to “None” If you change this to solid or parent or thermal, it gets connected.


Thank you. Changed the pad connection and that fixed it.

By the way, what will you fix? The default settings when the footprint does not have this setting setup yet?

There’s nothing to fix in the code base as far as I know. You designed this pad to not have a connection and so it doesn’t. The fix is to change the pad connection in your footprint.

Ok. I haven’t designed this pad. Maybe someone who did it did not see this configuration. I personally never saw this. On Kicad 7 it was working as expected. The pad was connected to the copper pour.

Several dependencies here.
We do have a zone here with clearance set to 0, and a pad assigned to the same net.
When pad shape is set to Rectangular, and connection is set to None, with clearance 0 the zone fill will reach pad’s edges - just as in V7.
However if the pad shape is set to Custom (and still connection None), Kicad V8 despite “clearance 0” will enforce a minimum clearance that separates the pad from the zone.
With Kicad7 it wasn’t like that - regardless if the shape was Rect or Custom, the zone fill reached the pad with clearance 0. Maybe the change of behaviur between V7 and V8, or between Custom shape and Rect shape, should suggest some deeper verification, just to be sure it’s not a problem that will bite somewhere else.

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