Package kicad-nighly-libraries/templates are not available

Here: I read:

sudo add-apt-repository --yes ppa:js-reynaud/kicad-dev-nightly
sudo apt update
sudo apt install kicad-nightly
# You can also install debug symbols:
sudo apt install kicad-nightly-dbg
# Demo
sudo apt install kicad-nightly-demos
# and libraries
sudo apt install kicad-nightly-footprints kicad-nightly-libraries kicad-nightly-packages3d kicad-nightly-symbols kicad-nightly-templates

But the packages kicad-nightly-libraries and kicad-nightly-templates do not exist:

$ apt-cache search '^kicad-nightly.*'
kicad-nightly - Electronic schematic and PCB design software
kicad-nightly-dbg - Debug symbols for kicad
kicad-nightly-demos - Common files used by kicad
kicad-nightly-footprints - Kicad footprints (modules)
kicad-nightly-packages3d - Kicad packages3d (3d models for footprints)
kicad-nightly-symbols - Kicad symbols (schematic)

Am I missing anything in my system?

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Which Ubuntu? --------

Ubuntu 20.04 64-bit.

I am seeing the same thing on Ubuntu 19.10.

-libraries and -templates do not exist. The other packages installed without errors.

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