Overlapping pads (mini HDMI)

Hi all,
I am trying to make a simple mini HDMI board. The pads on the mini HDMI connector seems to be so dense that I can’t connect anything to it. The minimum track width is 0.2 mm. Is there a way to make the width smaller than that? Or there is something else I need to do?

Sorry if this is a basic question. Very new to circuit designing.

KiCad works with nano meter resolution. And that is quite small.

You are a relatively new member on this forum, so I’ll assume it’s a basic question.

Learn to work with net classes. A net class is a set of rules for track widht and clearance and via size. You can make new net classes in: Pcbnew / File / Board Setup / Design Rules / Net Classes. Click on the plus sign on the left just below the main “table” area to add a new net class, then adjust it’s parameters.

The lower half of the dialog is for managing your nets into the net classes. On a new PCB all nets start with the “Default” net class.

Also be aware of where you have your PCB manufacturered. 0.2mm is still a value most PCB manufacturers can handle relatively easily, but if you go much narrower you get into an area where you need more specialized services (which are likely more expensive). Somewhere around 0.15mm your options start shrinking.

The “Minimum track width” (which defaults to 0.2mm) is set up on the main page of the the design rules: Pcbnew / File / Board Setup / Design Rules

Thanks for your input. I am not totally sure if it is an issue with track width. If you see the image below, you will notice that the pads have a marked area surrounding them which are touching each other. So when I go to connect them, KiCAD seems to not able to find any possible route. I downloaded the footprint from SnapEDA.

What am I doing wrong?

The thin line around the pads is a visualisation of the “Clearance”. and it can not overlap with copper items of another net.

Normally pads inherit the clearance from the net they get gonnected to, and you set this clearance in the normal design rules / NetClass values.

It looks like you have clearance set to a value too large for this connector. Check with the board maker but most can make smaller clearance than the default of Kicad. I think a design DRC check will say that you have copper to close to copper in this area. (picture of red bug)
Board Setup/Net Classes/Clearance make the number a little smaller
You could measure the length of my green arrows and look for a clearance setting of that. Then reduce the number a little until the connector passes the Design Rule Checker.


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