Outline, that follows a footprint? (CUSTOM BOARD SHAPE QUESTION?)

Can you create an outline for a print that follows a footprint ?

Can you post or link to an example of what you want that might help us understand WHY you want that? What layer does this outline need to be on? Silk?

It must be on Edge cut.

Outline.pdf (21.9 KB)

OK. This has nothing to do with the conventional use of the term footprint. You just need a custom board outline.

This is generally done in a more capable editor like one for Mechanical CAD. A forum member, @maui, has written a bridge with FreeCAD to help with Kicad integration.

Check out Kicad StepUp: a Seamless ECAD/MCAD PCB Data Integration

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An example for this:
** KiCad Project Manager / File / New / Project from Template / Beagle Bone Black Cape**

If you have these templates installed (They are part of KiCad itself, but not always installed by default, depending on OS and such), then you get a headstart of a project with the connectors in Eeschema and some power rails, together with a PCB outline and connector layout.

There are more templates, I choose this one because it has some nice round corners.

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