Outlet Plug and Voltage reducer

I am designing a board that needs to be plugged into the wall but also only needs 48V. So I guess I have two questions. Whats the best way to lower the voltage, and how do I design a board ready for a plug to be attached.

This forum is for using the Kicad software. What you are asking indicates you have some design issues to sort out before you go any further. If you don’t know how you are going to handle your power supply you aren’t ready to start drawing out the circuit.

The forum on this site might be a better place to start:

I would suggest very carefully! If you are referring to 110V/230V AC (which I think you are) then there is a very real risk of death or fire if you get this wrong. I would agree with hermit, if you have to ask this question then you really shouldn’t be doing it.

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