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I’ve been meaning to set up a server for awhile for another purpose. Ya’ll gonna love this.
(@ChrisGammell :wink: )

Oh joy, oh bliss!
Does this mean minimum post length can be extended to 30 characters :rofl:

If not thirty, then how about two. That covers:
OK, no, yes & maybe.


Did I claim in the past it wasn’t possible to change it? Or just that I wasn’t willing to? If I claimed the first, let’s pretend it has always been the second :slight_smile:



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Min first post length: keep at 20 characters. Anyone trying to describe a problem in under 20 characters deserves to have the post thrown back at them!

Min personal message post length: keep at 10 characters… Abusive, colloquial comments under 10 characters can always be extended with exclamation marks!!! :grin:

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Long time ago I have heard that in the Guinness book as the shorter correspondence is written the mail (not e-mail) one author (don’t know who) send to his publisher and the mail he got as an answer:
Author: ?
Publisher: !
Why not allow the answers containing only :slight_smile:
I don’t expect the forum will suddenly be full of it, but sometimes it is simply the best to do. In such cases people add some to reach the limit. The number of posts is not limited that way.

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