OT -- not-kicad-at-all: polycarbonate overlay vendors?

Pardon taking bandwidth for a non-kicad question, but there is a wealth of expertise here. I need a new vendor for polycarbonate overlays for labels that will be on my enclosures – which is kinda related to kicad since there will be a kicad-generated board inside :slight_smile:

I am looking for basic 0.25mm or so matte-finish plastic, inner full-color silk including window openings for leds, laminated with an adhesive like 3m 467… Maybe polyester for overlays with pushbuttons. Pretty common stuff like this:

I have not made these for a while but over the years I have used local places, and pricing has bloomed. I am hoping to find an online place like jlcpcb where I can upload files, get it quoted online, and order. These days I should be able to just upload an svg or ai file, and full-color digitally-printed silk and laser-cut arbitrary outline cutting should be common. I am hoping to never pay for a steel-rule-die again or talk to a salesperson-in-the-middle.

Any recommendations for good places?

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There are some in China (equivalent of JLCPCB or PCBWay, but for membrane overlays):

Or if you give us your country someone probably can help with a local vendor.


Thanks Greg, those both look interesting. I am in the US and places here tend be be quite pricey. The jrpanel online quoting looks much like jlcpcb online quoting :slight_smile:

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