Orthogonal Drawing Mode

Is there a setting for drawing lines in orthogonal mode?

If you are referring to 3D view there is a cube to the right in the toolbar that switches the between perspective and orthogonal mode. Note that if you are using one of the latest night-lies, there is a bug that changes the zoom levels when swapping the views. It is OK in ver. 4.06. ( I have not had time to check if that bug has been reported on Launchpad.)

No just referring to layout in PCB, it would be good to be able to draw lines set at vertical & horizontal makes drawing outlines and regions simple.

Rough grid + coordinate readout at the bottom of screen (even better to use [Space] to reset the relative one, so for orthogonal lines one coordinate will then have to read zero).
At least that’s how I do it.

Yes, at the moment that seems the best (only?) way to go. Orthogonal setting is convenient when it exists though.

Hold Ctrl while drawing a line (GAL only).



Very nice, problem solved.

All CAD software has an easy way to switch between drawing orthogonally and not. KiCad not having it is a glaring fault in software like this.

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