Order in graphic elements, symbols

I have this ‘symbolic’ symbol (= actual symbol just for cosmetics in a schematic)

(it’s a screw terminal)

The circle is drawn on top of a rectangle. They are both filled.

The problem is that sometimes the circle is displayed and sometimes it is not. I am used from other programs with graphic elements that you can ‘raise’ or ‘lower’ a thing’s order to get it above or under other things. Essentially a hierarchy in graphic elements.

Does KiCad has some setting with which I can always let the circle be on top of the rectangle?
My current workaround is just no to fill the rectangle

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This is called “Z-order” and as far as I know, it is not implemented at all in KiCad. There are few open bug reports and feature requests for it on gitlab.

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You can Double-Click the Color Icon for the Layer and set it’s Opacity… Three different values in example below (Square Screw-Terminal with a round Filled shape on top…).

Not the solution you want and it’s for the ‘Layer’ so it affect all items on that layer. But, worth knowing and can possibly use the User layers if it makes sense…

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