Order codes in components

I was wondering if there is an option to add a custom field to a library component?
I know you can add a custom field to the schematic component but I’d like to add a field like
OC_MOUSER or OC_MFR to the library component itself.

Otherwise for each project I’d have to lookup and order codes again.

This would also come in handy for the BOM later on so that all the order codes are already up-to-date and listed.

Any thoughts?

You can add fields in the library editor. Edit the part in the component library editor then on the top toolbar is a ‘T’ click that to “Add and remove fields and edit field properties”.
The strange part is I only see it on the toolbar and not under any of the menus? Maybe I missed it.

  • Eric

Oh wow, I never would have thought the ‘T’ symbol wouldn’t stand for a
In the menu there only is an option to place a textbox, not a field/property

Thanks a million

That is sort of confusing. Also the same toolbar graphic is used on the right side for adding text to the component.
I am using an older version (2013-jul-07)-stable, so I’m not sure if this has changed in newer versions.