Orcad netlist to PCBnew (again)

Hi All,
In my company I MUST use OrCad Capture 17.4-2019 to make the schematics.
To make the routs I want to use PCBnew (KiCad ver.
Is there a netlist format that OrCad can generate that can be read by PCBnew?
If it doesn’t exist, how can I convert an Orcad generated netlist that can be read by PCBnew?
I have read various forums and found various news items (for example rnif2kicad and edif2kicad) but they are all very old and I can’t get them to work.
Thank you

Without knowing if it is any good, you might try:


If you can’t find a way to directly import a netlist from OrCad, then have a look at what formats OrCad can export.

As long as the netlist is a simple text based format, or a binary format with good documentation, then writing a conversion script is doable, but may take a few days of effort to get the small things right. SKiDL may help a bit with this. It is a Python library in which you can create KiCad components & netlist connections and then export to Pcbnew. It’s main intention is to skip having a schematic altogether (For example for big LED matrices or FPGA boards, where a schematic is mostly some long lists of nonsensical labels. I see SKiDL as a sort of VHDL for creating a netlist for a PCB.

Orcad can export a large number of netlist formats, although I make no comment on their quality, so there may be a format you can load directly in to PCBnew

The default allegro netlist would be a good candidate for someone motivated to create an importer for, although I have never looked in great detail it is a fairly understandable text format split in to 3 files.

The only big loss I can think of off hand is KiCad does not support net attributes although I believe 5.99 does some degree (should check that, I might be wrong)

Thank you all.
Using the program to assembly KiCAD S-expression netlist from OrCAD Tango netlist - ehrenberdg / OrCAD2KiCADtranslator with the command “test2.exe orcad.net kicad.net” and removing any spaces in the name of the footprint I was able to generate a net for PCBnew and routing a pattern made with Orcad Capture.
For each component in the netlis the format for PCBnew should look like this:
(comp (ref R1)
(footprint Through-hole_1 / 4)
(value 1K-1 / 4W)

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