Opening schematic in another PC

I’m facing an issue with KiCAD 6.0 When I try to open schematic I did in one PC to another PC they don’t load Perfectly and PCB is able to open.
When I try to run the schematic in another they give error and all symbol doesn’t load properly.
Think I’ll be doing half of the project at the office and i want to continue and complete the project at home so I copy paste but it doesn’t work.

Best would be to use the archive function to zip up the project.
The zip file then contains every project related file.

This will work provided the kicad ‘local’ library files contain the same items in use by your project.

The archive function suggested by @jos is subobtimal if you intent to work on both PCs. It is a good solution if you want to share your project for reading or one time wright access.

The proper way to work on multiple machines is to ensure that all of them have the same library setup Same version of libraries and the same libs with the same name in the library tables.

One option to synchronize lib tables is to copy the global library table from one pc to the other. This either requires the use of path variables or both setups need the libs to be in the exact same path. This of course means any new lib that you add must then also be added on all machines. (One could have the config directory under version control or somehow on the cloud to make this easier. Either by instantiating the cloud/ version control in the default config directory or by using symlinks or environment variables to change kicads config location.)

Regarding lib management see: Library management in KiCad version 5

One additional risk factor is that you use nightly builds. If you are on different operating systems then it might be the case that you get different versions which could result in problems.
Also remember that linux is case sensitive for file names while windows is not. So if you use both operating systems then make sure that you use a well defined capitalization system to ensure every filename stays unique on both systems.

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